Organization dashboard

To access information about an organization's subscription, issuers and Canvas Credentials features you must be invited to the organization as an administrator. Organization admins will receive an email invitation and/or receive an in-app notification when signed in to their Canvas Credentials account.

Organizational admins are automatically added with owner-level permissions to each issuer under the organization. You can still share issuers with individual colleagues without adding them to the organization.

Editing the organization information

By accessing the organization dashboard from your Canvas Credentials menu you can change the logo, organization name, description, contact email or URL. Please review and update your organization information by following these steps.

  1. Sign in to your Canvas Badges/Credentials account.
  2. Using the dropdown menu under the Canvas Badges/Credentials logo in the upper left, select your organization.
Editing the organization information
  1. Select Dashboard if not already selected using the top navigation menu.
  2. Access the ellipsis button and select Edit organization from the drop-down menu.
  3. You can learn more about customizing your settings in the article Editing your organization's page.
Editing the organization information

Adding admin

When logged into the organization as an admin, you can add an additional admin to your organization by selecting the Admins tab while on the dashboard page.

  1. Select the Add admin button.
  2. In the dialogue box, enter the email address used in a Canvas Badges/Credentials account by the individual you wish to add.
  3. Click the Add admin button to complete.
Adding admin

To remove an admin from your organization

  1. Sign in as an admin.
  2. Select the Admins tab from your dashboard page.
  3. Select the ellipse to the right of the name of the individual you wish to remove.
  4. Select Remove admin from the dropdown menu and confirm you wish to remove this admin.
To remove an admin from your organization


From the dashboard, you can view analytics depicting your organization's badging history. Each category allows you to select the length of time from which you wish to view your data. You can also export your data to a CSV file.


Users added as admins can view subscription information by selecting the Subscription tab from the organization's dashboard page. This tab will display information regarding your subscription, such as your current subscription dates, number of users in the organization, number of users spots available and an overview of how many badges each of your organization's issuers have awarded. If you need to upgrade your subscription, please contact our sales team for pricing. If your subscription information is not correct, please contact [email protected].


Members are users who participate in your organization, including all learners and staff. From the Members tab, you can:

  • Filter the list to view Learners, Staff or both by selecting the corresponding checkbox
  • Use the search box to locate a specific user
  • Use the drop menu to sort the list alphabetically by first or last name
  • Select Export as CSV to receive a CSV file of members
  • Adjust the number of members displayed using the Results per page drop menu
  • Page through all members using the arrow buttons at the top of the page or the Prev and Next buttons at the bottom of the page