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How do I view my Learning Mastery scores in the Grades page?

Learning Mastery scores are used by your instructor to measure performance based on classroom learning standards, or outcomes. Outcome scores may be tied to assignments and other items throughout Canvas.

If your Grades page shows Assignments and Learning Mastery tabs on the Grades page, you can view standards-based scores in the Learning Mastery tab.

Note: If your page layout differs from what is shown in this lesson, your course has enabled the new layout. Learn how to view your learning mastery scores in the updated layout.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Learning Mastery Link

On the Grades page, click the Learning Mastery link.

View Outcomes Overview

View Outcomes Overview

In the Learning Mastery tab, you can view overall details about the outcomes available in your course. Grades will show you the name of each outcome group [1], as well as the outcome summary [2]. The outcome summary displays the number of outcomes you have mastered on the left, while the the total number of outcomes within the group are shown on the right.  

Click the down arrow [3] or the name of the outcome group to expand the overall achievement for the entire outcome group.

Click the Print Grades button [4] to print your outcomes results.

Expand Outcome Group

Expand Outcome Group

You can expand each outcome to view all outcomes within the group. You can use the expand and collapse icons [1] to expand and collapse all outcome groups at once. You can also expand outcome groups individually by clicking the name of an outcome group [2] or the down arrow [3].

View Outcomes

View Outcomes

When an outcome group is expanded, each outcome is displayed with the outcome name [1] and description [2].

Each outcome also includes an icon indicating the mastery level [3].

To view details for an outcome, hover over the more icon [4].

View Outcome Details

The details window shows the assessment of the outcome.

You can view a graph that shows your progress over time [1]. The black dots represent the mastery level and date of each alignment's assessment. The green dotted line represents the mastery level for the outcome. A solid gray line represents the your average trend for the outcome.

You can also view the last assessment used for the outcome and the date [2].

If a score has been awarded, the score [3] appears next to the outcome assessment name (if no score has been awarded, the submission displays as N/A). The first number indicates the score you earned. The second number indicates the minimum number of points you must earn to master the task for that outcome. For example, if you earned a score of 5/3, you have earned 2 points above the mastery level of 3 points. However, if you achieve a score of 1/3, you have not mastered the outcome. Gray outcomes that show a dash for the first number in the score mean that no points have been awarded for that outcome. The second number indicates the minimum number of points you must earn for mastery.

Each outcome also displays the individual outcome mastery icon [4]. In the example of a 1.8/3 score, the mastery icon is yellow, indicating you have achieved near mastery for that outcome. Mastery is indicated with a green icon.

Note: If your instructor has muted an assignment, you will not be able to view the outcome results until your instructor unmutes the assignment.  

View Alignments

View Alignments

Alignments are the assignments and other Canvas items that are linked to an outcome. These alignments show what course assignments you participated in to earn your score. Not all items may be aligned to an outcome.

View alignments for an outcome by clicking the Alignments link. A pop-up window will appear in your browser.

View Alignment Mastery

Each outcome has a color bar that aligns to the mastery level for that outcome. In the example of a a 5/3 score, the bar and the mastery icon are both dark green, indicating you have exceeded mastery for that outcome.

Change Gradebook

Change Gradebook

To view the standard Assignments grades page for your course, click the Assignments link [1]. You can toggle between assignments and outcome scores at any time.

If you have more than one course, you can view grades by selecting another course name in the grades course drop-down menu [2].