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How do I view the rubric for my graded discussion?

Your instructor may include a rubric as part of a graded discussion. The rubric is a set of criteria that your instructor will use to grade your discussion. Before submitting your discussion, you can use the rubric to evaluate your own work and make sure your discussion fulfills your instructor's requirements.

Note: Not all graded discussions may include a rubric.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Open Discussion

Click the name of a graded discussion.

Show Rubric

Show Rubric

Click the Options icon [1] and select the Show Rubric button [2].

Note: If the Show Rubric button does not display, there is no rubric for your discussion.

View Rubric

View Rubric

View the graded discussion rubric.

The rubric includes criteria [1], ratings [2], and full point values [3]. A rubric criterion may include up to five different ratings and individual point values.

View Rubric Details

If a criterion includes a longer description with more details, click the view longer description link [1].

The rubric may also include an outcome associated with the course [2]. Outcomes are identified by a small flag and are used to assess learning mastery in a course. The outcome also shows the threshold for the outcome, or the number of points you must achieve to meet expectations. Your instructor may allow you to view outcomes results in your course grades.