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How do I create a Microsoft Office 365 collaboration as a student?

You can use Microsoft Office 365 to create a collaboration with a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file. You can select individual users, groups, or both as part of a collaboration.


  • This lesson is for creating a collaboration in a course; when collaborations are created in a group, only group members and users with instructor-based roles (including TAs) can be selected as collaborators. However, your instructor can always view your collaboration.
  • Creating a collaboration is a course permission. If you cannot create a collaboration in a course, your institution has restricted this feature.
  • Once you invite a user to a collaboration, the collaboration is available to the user in the user's Microsoft OneDrive. Uninviting the user or deleting the collaboration does not remove access to the collaboration once a user has been added.
  • When creating a collaboration you cannot link to a previously created collaboration.

Open Collaborations

Open Collaborations

In Course Navigation, click the Collaborations link.

Add Collaboration

Add Collaboration

Click the Add Collaboration button.

Select Type

In the Type drop-down menu, select the type of collaboration you want to create.

Add Details

In the Document Name field [1], enter the name of your document.

In the Description field [2], enter a description for the collaboration.

Add People

The collaboration defaults to the People tab. If you want to collaborate with individual people in your course, click the name of a user you want to add to the collaboration [1]. The user's name will move to the right side of the window [2].

Add as many users as necessary.

Note: Your instructor can view and access all collaborations added in the course, even if you do not add your instructor to the collaboration directly.

Remove Collaborators

Remove Collaborators

To remove a collaborator, click the Remove icon [1]. To remove all users, click the Remove All link [2].

Add Groups

You can also create collaborations with groups. To select an entire group, click the Groups tab [1]. Select the group(s) you want to add to the collaboration [2].


  • You can select individual users as well as a group in a collaboration.
  • You can add multiple groups to a collaboration, but all groups will collaborate in the same document. For group-specific collaborations, consider creating a new collaboration for each group or creating a group collaboration from groups.

Save Collaboration

Save Collaboration

Click the Save button.

View Collaboration

View your collaboration. To edit the collaboration, click the Edit icon [1]. To delete the collaboration, click the Delete icon [2].