How do I view my Canvas groups as a student?

You can see the current groups where you are enrolled using the Global Navigation Menu. If you do not see any groups listed, you have not joined a group or been enrolled in a group by your instructor. You can also view all previous groups in past courses.

Open Groups

Open Groups

In Global Navigation, click the Groups link [1], then view your current groups [2]. To view all your groups, click the All Groups link [3].

View Groups

Groups are organized into Current Groups [1] and Previous Groups [2].

View Current Groups

Current Groups are groups in courses that are part of the current semester or term. You can view the name of the group [1] and the course name for the group [2]. If a course includes a term date [3], the term date displays next to the course name. Depending on access settings for a course, Current Groups can also display groups in courses that have been published but have not yet started.

Groups that are available to you are listed in blue text [4]. These groups are associated with current courses. To open a group, click the name of the group.

View Previous Groups

Groups under the Previous Groups heading are groups that are part of courses that have concluded. If the group includes a link, the group is still available as a read-only archived group. Prior users can view group material but cannot participate in the group.

Note: Some institutions may not allow previous groups to display in the Courses page.