Troubleshooting: Authentication failed


After installing the Badgr LTI, Canvas admins, teachers or students are presented with an "Authentication failed" message, as pictured below.


This error most often occurs when installing the Badgr LTI for the first time, but occasionally occurs with users who have been using Badgr for some time.


If you're new to Badgr and encounter this message, it typically means the consumer key and shared secret were entered incorrectly when installing the LTI app. The key and secret may be incorrect for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are listed below.

  • The consumer key and shared secret were copied incorrectly or incompletely
  • If your primary Canvas email doesn't match one of the emails on your Badgr account, you may need to add it to your Badgr account  — your primary Canvas email can be found when logged into Canvas by selecting Account, then Settings and will be marked with a star on the right side
  • You may experience this error if your Canvas instance was authorized on a different server than your Badgr account (for example, if your Canvas instance was authorized on the EU server, and you're connecting to a Badgr account on the U.S. server, then you will experience this error) — please be sure that you copy the key and secret from your Badgr account on the same server as your Canvas instance

Please remember to uninstall Badgr before reinstalling to remove the "Badges" menu option that is displaying the error. If a reinstall still produces the same error, please contact our support team for assistance.