Learn more about awarding Open Badges

What is Canvas Badges/Credentials?

With Canvas Badges/Credentials, users can create, award and store Open Badges for free. An Open Badge is a specialized type of digital badge that contains verifiable metadata about achievements according to a common data format, the Open Badges specification. Below are some links from our knowledge base that will help you get started creating and awarding Open Badges with Canvas Badges/Credentials.

What is Canvas Badges/Credentials?


If you're brand new to Canvas Badges/Credentials we recommend attending or watching one of our webinars that provide an overview of Canvas Badges/Credentials features and how to get started.

Canvas Badges/Credentials and your LMS

If you are a Canvas user, the Canvas Credentials LTI is an easy 5-minute install. A great place to get started with Canvas Badges/Credentials in Canvas is by enrolling in our free 1-2 hour course. You can also join our Canvas Badges/Credentials Users Group to collaborate with other Canvas Badges/Credentials users. If you're a Blackboard user, we're excited to announce that we've recently released a new LTI, Canvas Credentials Groups, which is compatible with the Blackboard LMS

Canvas Credentials

Our paid Canvas Credentials subscription offers analytics and the ability to award a badge with a QR or claim code. Canvas Credentials also includes exciting features like Canvas Credentials Pathways, a companion app to Canvas Badges. Pathways allow issuers to combine and connect Open Badges from multiple sources into a meaningful pathway for learners. Track group and individual progress along the pathway and award milestone badges automatically. Users can track their own progress and look ahead to plan the next steps in their learning journey. For more information about Canvas Credentials and your organization, fill out this form to get in touch with our sales team.