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How do I drop a Canvas Network or Catalog course or program?

Catalog users (including users of Canvas Network) can drop courses or programs from the Catalog dashboard. If a course is set to only allow users to participate during a specified date range, Catalog users will only be able to drop the course during the time period between the course start and end dates. Otherwise, users can drop the course at any time.  If your course or enrollment status has concluded, you can no longer drop the course. Catalog users can also drop programs as well.

Courses can only be dropped if you enrolled in the course directly through your institution's Catalog. If you were manually added to the course by an instructor or admin, you will have to ask the instructor or admin to remove you from the course.

Drop Course or Program

In the In Progress tab, locate the course or program and click the Settings icon [1]. Click the Drop Course or Program link [2].

Confirm Drop

Confirm Drop

Catalog will confirm you want to drop the course or program. Click the Drop button.