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How do I create a custom orders report in Catalog Analytics?

As a Canvas Catalog admin, you can search and filter order data to create custom reports in the Analytics page.

Note: Enrollments that are not added to a course through the Catalog enrollment page are not included in catalog analytics. 

Open Admin

Open Admin

Click the User Name menu [1]. Then, click the Admin link [2].

Open Analytics

Open Analytics

In the navigation menu, click the Analytics link.

Search Orders

Search Orders

Click the Orders tab [1].

To search orders, type all or part of a search parameter in the Search field [2].

To search order data using filters, click the Filters button [3].

By default, a creation date filter may be set. To delete the filter and view all course listings, click the Creation Date icon [4].

Filter Orders

Filter  Listings

To filter by catalog, click the Catalog drop-down menu and select a catalog on which to filter[1]. Repeat with additional catalogs.

To filter by listing, type all or part of a listing name in the Listing field [2]. Select an option from the drop-down list of possible matches and repeat with additional listings.

To filter by listing status, click the Listing Status drop-down menu [3].

To filter by student, click the Student field [4]. Then, enter all or part of a student name and click the student name in the list [5].

View Additional Filters

View Additional Filters

To expand the filter window to display revenue filters, click the Expand Revenue icon [1].

To filter by purchaser, click the Purchaser field and enter all of part of a purchaser name [2].  

To search bulk purchases only, click the Bulk Purchases Only checkbox [3].

To filter by date, click the Purchase Date drop-down and select a time frame [4]. To select a custom time-frame, click the calendar icons to select start and end dates [5].

To filter by free or paid orders, click the Orders drop-down menu [6].

To select a minimum and maximum price range for paid orders, enter prices in the Listing Prices fields [7].

To filter by promotion status, click the Promotions drop-down menu [8].

To filter by minimum and maximum revenue range, enter values in the Total Revenue fields [9].

Apply or Delete Filters

Apply or Delete Filters

To apply the selected filters, click the Apply button [1].

To save selections without applying and return to the Orders page, click the Cancel button [2].

To delete selections and return to the default settings, click the Reset Defaults button [3].

View Filtered Data

View Filtered Data

The filtered list displays in the table [1]. To sort a table column in alphabetic or numerical order, locate the header for that column and click the Sort selector [2].

All columns in the table do not display at the same time. To display additional column headers, click the Expand icon [3]. To view additional columns, click and drag the horizontal scrollbar [4].

Summary data for the filtered list displays [5].

To delete a selected filter, click the filter name icon [6].

To search for an item in the filtered list, enter all or part of a search parameter in the Search field [7].

Export Filtered Data

Export Filtered Data

To export a CSV of the report, click the Export CSV button. A link to the CSV file is sent to your Canvas account email address.