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How do I begin a catalog course or program?

You can begin a course or program in the In Progress tab of your dashboard. However, you cannot begin a course until the course start date. If your course is part of a program, you may be required to complete one course before beginning another.

Note: If you enroll in a Catalog program, you must begin each course in Catalog. Canvas does not enroll you in a course or display the course in Canvas until you click the Begin Course button for each course requirement in the program.

View In Progress Tab

View In Progress Tab

In the catalog dashboard, view the In Progress tab.

Begin Program

To begin a program, locate the name of the program. In the Requirements list, locate the first course and click the Begin Course button.

Note: If all courses in the Requirements list include a Begin Course button, you can complete the courses in any order.

Begin Course

To begin a course, locate the name of the course, and depending on the course type, click the Begin Course or Go to Course button.

View Course Dashboard

View your Canvas course dashboard.

Return to Catalog Dashboard

To return to the catalog dashboard, click the Canvas logo.