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How do I add a certificate of completion for a Catalog program?

As a Canvas Catalog admin, you can create and distribute certificates of completion for programs that contain courses with modules in Canvas.

Certificates you create are automatically issued to students when they have completed all requirements for a program. You can add a pre-designed template or you can create a custom certificate template.


  • Courses within a program can only be identified as complete if the courses include modules. Learn how Catalog works with Canvas.
  • If an admin manually enrolls a user in a Catalog program, the user will not receive a certificate upon completion of the program. To ensure users receive certificates of completion, have them self-enroll. 

Open Admin

Open Admin

Click the User Name drop-down menu [1]. Then, click the Admin link [2].

View Listings Page

View Listings Page

Click the Listings tab.

Open Program

Open Program

Click the program name link.

Include Certificate

Open Certificate

Click the Certificate tab [1]. Then, click the Include Certificate toggle on [2].

Note: By default, the Include Certificate toggle is turned off.

Add Certificate Name

Add Certificate Name

Create a name for the certificate.

Select Certificate Template

Select Template

To select a branded certificate that includes the Catalog logo, certificate name, student name, and date click the Default radio button [1].

To select a generic certificate that includes the certificate name, student name, account name, and date click the Traditional radio button [2].

To create a custom template using HTML/CSS or a link to an external file, click the Custom HTML/CSS radio button [3].

Note: If you create a custom template but choose to switch to one of the pre-designed templates at a later time, any coding you include in this template is retained. 

Include Expiration Date

Add Expiration Date

Click the Include Expiration Date checkbox [1].

You can select a specific date on which the certificate expires or set a number of days for which the certificate is valid.

  • To add a certificate expiration date, click the Certificate Expiration Date radio button [2]. Then, click the Select a date field and choose a date from the calendar [3].
  • To set a number of days for which the certificate is valid, select the Number of Days Valid radio button [4]. Then, enter the number of days that you want the certificate to remain valid [5].

Preview Certificate

Preview Certificate

To preview a certificate, click the Preview icon.

Save Certificate

Save Certificate

Click the Save button [1].

The successfully updated banner displays [2].

Note: Catalog will notify you if there are errors with your certificate. If there are any errors, correct them and then click the Save button again.