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How do I manage and view revenue modifications as a Catalog admin?

As a Canvas Catalog admin, or a subcatalog admin with permissions enabled, you can modify listing revenue data and view revenue modification information from the Analytics page.  

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Note: Root catalog admins can view a detailed history of revenue modifications in the Audit Log.

Open Admin

Open admin

Click the User Name link [1]. Then, click the Admin link [2].

Open Analytics

Open analytics

Click the Analytics tab.

Manage Revenue

View Orders Tab

Click the Orders tab [1].

In the list, locate the purchase with the revenue you want to modify, and click the Manage link [2].

Note: The Manage link appears only if the listing revenue is greater than $0.

Adjust Revenue

Adjust  Revenue

In the Manage Revenue tray, the current revenue displays [1].

To set a new revenue amount, enter it in the Set a new revenue field [2].  Alternatively, you can adjust the amount in $1 increments by clicking the Up and Down buttons [3].

Enter a reason for the change in the Reasoning field [4].

To save changes, click the Save button [5].


  • To add or subtract revenue, enter the new revenue total including any previous revenue amount. For example, if the existing revenue was $10 and you wish to add an additional $5, enter $15 as the new revenue amount.
  • To delete all revenue, enter $0 in the Set a new revenue field.

Confirm Modification

Confirm Modification

The confirmation window displays.

To confirm the action and modify the revenue total, click the Modify button.

Open History Tray

Open History Tray

In the Last Modified column,  the date of the most recent revenue modification displays [1].

To view the modification history, click the See history link [2].

Note: If revenue for the listing has not been modified, an em dash displays [3].

View Modification History

View Modification History

The History tray displays revenue modification details.

Each revenue modification listing displays the name of the user who made the modification [1], the modification amount [2], the date and time of the modification [3], and the reason for the modification [4].