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What customization options are available in Canvas Catalog using the Storefront Theme Editor?

If the Storefront Theme Editor is enabled in your Catalog account, you can use it to customize storefront brand colors, logos, and header images without the need for custom JavaScript (JS), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), or HyperText Markup Language (HTML).

Learn more about using the Storefront Theme Editor.


  • The Storefront Theme Editor must be enabled in your institution's Catalog account by a root catalog admin.
  • Customized course and program certificates require HTML or CSS.
  • You can customize email branding using HTML and create email templates.
  • If the Storefront Theme Editor is not enabled for your account, you can customize the catalog using CSS, JS, or HTML.
  • If custom branding is not added in a subcatalog, it inherits the parent catalog settings and other customization options.

Catalog Customizations

Catalog Customizations

In the Storefront Theme Editor, you can upload a header image [1], badge logo [2], and favicon logo [3]. You can add a cover image [4], customize the background color [5], and page separator attributes [6].  

Customize Subcatalog

Customize Subcatalog

A subcatalog creates a specific URL path where you can associate and brand specific listings for a department, organization, or team. Subcatalogs can be listed as part of the domain (parent) catalog or act as a private catalog.

To customize a subcatalog, click the subcatalog name link.

Disable Parent Theme

Enable Storefront Theme Editor for Catalog

By default, subcatalogs inherit customizations from the parent catalog. To open the Storefront Theme Editor and enable customization for the subcatalog, click the Inherit Theme from catalog ancestry toggle off.

Note: When subcatalog logos and favicon are customized, the parent catalog logo continues to display on the course or program enrollment page.