How do I manage catalog promotions?

As a Catalog admin, you can manage all promotions in Canvas Catalog on the Promotions page. The Promotions page shows an overview and status of all available promotion codes.

Note: Promotions only apply to listings with an enrollment fee.

Open Admin

Open Admin

In the User Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Promotions

Open Promotions

Click the Promotions link.

View Promotions

The Promotions page displays the promotion status [1], name [2], discount [3], start date [4], end date [5], and code [6].

  • Status can be listed as upcoming, active, or expired.
  • Start and end dates are not required for promotions.

Add Promotion

To add a catalog promotion, click the Add Promotion button.

Manage Promotion

To edit or delete a promotion, click the name of the promotion.

Save or Delete a Promotion

To edit a promotion, update the appropriate fields, then click the Save Promotion button [1].

To delete a promotion, click the Delete button [2].