How do I add a catalog course listing?

As a Catalog admin, you can create a course listing using any existing course in your Canvas account.

Open Admin

Open Admin

In the User Menu, click the Admin link.

Add Course

Add Course

In the Listings page, click the Add Course button.

Search Canvas Courses

Search Canvas Courses

In the search field, search for the name of a Canvas course.

Note: Catalog  listings are linked to their associated Canvas courses. If you want to add a course that is not yet created in Canvas, you must add the Canvas course before you can create the course listing.

Select Course

Select Course

To add a course, click the course name [1], then click the Create Listing button [2].

View Title and Enrollment Status

Set Enrollment Status

By default, the listing is not open for enrollment. To allow students to register for the listing, click the Open For Enrollment toggle on [1].

When the Open for Enrollment toggle is switched on, optional start and end text fields display.  

To set the start of enrollment for a date in the future, enter a start date in the Start text field [3] or click the calendar icon [5]. To set a closing date for enrollment, enter an end date in the End text field [4] or click the calendar icon [5]. To enter optional start and end times, click the Time icon and select a time in the list [6].


  • When the Open For Enrollment toggle is on and start or end dates are entered, the listing can still display in the catalog, but enrollment is allowed only during the set dates/times.
  • When the Open For Enrollment toggle is on, the listing always displays as enroll-able on the Listings page.

Add Listing Image

Add Listing Image

To add an image for your course, drag an image into the Listing Image window [1] or click the window to select a file to upload [2].

Open Image

Open Image

Locate an image on your computer [1]. Depending on your browser, click the Choose or Open button [2].

Note: Listings support PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG images that are 768 pixels high and 1050 pixels wide.

Add Alt Text

Add Alt Text

View your course image [1].

To add alt text to your image, enter the text in the Listing Image Attributes field [2]. To add your image without alt text, click the No Alt Text (Decorative Image) checkbox [3].

Add Course Card Details

Add Teaser

To add a teaser, enter the text in the Teaser field [1]. The teaser is a brief paragraph summarizing the course and displays with the listing on the catalog page. The teaser cuts off from view in the listing at approximately 280 characters, though the text field supports up to 1,000 characters.

If you want to set the number of days that the course will be available to the student, enter the number in the Days to Complete field [2]. The countdown begins for a student the day a student enrolls in the course. If this field is left blank, the listing will be designated as self-paced.

If you want to add a number of credits a student can receive by taking the course, enter a number in the Credits field [3]. You can enter whole or decimal numbers. Programs display the cumulative number of credits for all courses added to the program.

If you want to set an enrollment fee for the course, enter a price in the Enrollment Fee (USD) field [4]. By default, there is no enrollment fee.

By default, bulk purchasing is enabled or disabled, depending on how it is set for the catalog or subcatalog. To disable or enable bulk purchasing for the course, click the Bulk Purchase toggle [5].

If listing SKUs have been enabled in your account, you can add a SKU in the Listing SKU field [6].

Add Description and Tags

Add Course Text

To add a course description, enter your text in the Full Description field [1]. You can format text, create lists, indent content, insert links and images, and edit HTML using the Rich Content Editor [2]. There is no character limit for the full description.

To add a tag, type the name of the tag in the Tags field [3]. If a tag already exists in your account, click the name of the tag when it displays [4]. To create a new tag in your account, enter the tag name and click the Create Tag button [5].

Added tags appear in the Tags field. To remove a tag, click the tag's Remove icon [6].

Select Catalog

Select Catalog

To select the catalog that you want to associate with the listing, click the Catalog drop-down menu [1]. Then select the catalog you want to use [2].

View Visibility and Listing Settings

View Listing Path and List Order

To mange visibility settings, click the Visibility drop-down menu [1]. By default, the course listing is hidden in the catalog. You can change the visibility to show listing in Catalog or be accessible via direct link.

To designate the order the course should display in catalog listings, enter a number in the List Order field [2]. If not specified, the course will have no priority list order.

The Listing Path field [3] is the name of the listing added to the end of the catalog URL, e.g. [domain URL]/courses/[listing path]. The listing path will be generated for you based on the Canvas course code. If necessary, you can modify the listing path in the text field. Listing paths should be unique per catalog account and support lowercase letters, numbers, and dashes.

To copy the listing path URL, click the Copy URL button [4].


Set Enrollment Cap and Wait List

Set Enrollment Cap and Wait List

To set a student cap, enter the maximum number of students who can enroll in the course in the Student Cap field [1]. By default, there is no cap limit.

If you want to enable a wait list for your enrollment cap, click the Allow Wait List checkbox [2].

To set a cap for the course wait list, enter the cap in the Wait List Cap field [3].

Learn more about enrollment caps and wait lists.

View Preview

View  Preview

You can view how your course card displays to users in the Preview window [1]. The preview includes the course title [2], teaser [3], days to complete [4], enrollment fee [5], and credits [6].

Create Listing

Save Listing

To create your listing, click the Create button.

Note: Catalog will notify you if there are errors in your listing. If there are any course errors, correct them and then click the Create button again.