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How do catalog requirements appear in program listings?

Each course listing in catalog is independent, even when it is associated with a program listing. Depending on how you want to create a program as a Catalog admin, you will have to set visibility and enrollment details for each course requirement. This lesson will show you various scenarios you can create for a program listing.

Note: Even if you restrict course visibility in a program listing, when a student reaches the registration page, the names of all course listings will still be shown.

View Program Requirements

Each program can include a specific number of course requirements. The requirements are shown in the program listing according to the order they are added as a requirement.

View Requirements in Program Listing

By default, students can view program requirements as part of the program listing.

Create Listed Course Requirements

Create Listed Course Requirements

If you set any course visibility as listed in Catalog, the course also appears as a listing publicly within the Catalog. Setting a course's visibility as listed in Catalog is good for courses that are offered individually but can be taken as part of a program at a discounted rate.

View Linked Requirements in Program Listing

Any program requirements that are visible in the Catalog also include a link on the program listing. Students can click the link to view the details of the course.

Note: The course links are only generated based on course visibility. If you allow requirements to be viewed as independent listings, make sure you review each listing's settings so you know how the page is being viewed by students.