How do I add media to a collection in Canvas Studio?

You can add media to collections in your library in Canvas Studio. You can record a screen or webcam capture to add to the collection, upload file(s) from your computer, or paste a YouTube URL.

Open Collection

In the Studio library, click the collection [1].

You can also create a new collection [2].

Record Media

To record and upload media, click the Record button [1]. To record a video, click the Screen Capture [2] or Webcam Capture [3] link.

Add Media

Add Media

To upload a video or link to a YouTube video, click the Add Videos button.

Select Media

Select Media

Drag and drop file(s) to the upload area to add them to the collection [1].

To select files to upload, click the Browse Files button [2], locate and select the file(s) on your computer [3], and click the Choose or Open button [4].

Add Youtube Video

Add YouTube Video

To add a YouTube video, copy and paste the YouTube link into the URL field [1] and click the Add button [2].

View Progress Bar

View Progress Bar

The progress bar displays the upload status of your media file.

View Added Media

When the media has been added to the collection, you can view the media by clicking the media thumbnail.