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How do I cut sections of a media file in Canvas Studio?

After uploading a media file to your media library, you can use the Studio media editor to cut and remove unwanted sections of your media file.

After cutting your media file, you can replace your original file with the edited version or you can save the edited version as a new file.


  • You can only edit media you access through your Studio media library.
  • You cannot edit a media file in a course that is embedded within that course.
  • In order to update and show the edited version of a media file that is already embedded in a course, you must manually update the embedded course location.
  • You can only edit media files you have uploaded and stored in Studio.
  • You cannot edit Youtube or Vimeo imported videos in Studio.
  • If you cut a media file that has captions, the captions are cut along with the video as closely as possible. After making any cuts, check the file and captions for alignment.

Open Media Editor

Open Media Editor

On the My Library page, locate the media and click the Options icon [1]. Then click the Edit Media link [2].

Note: To edit media that has been shared with you, you must copy the media to your library.

Open Cut Mode

Open Trim Mode

To select a section of the media to remove, click the Cut button.

Note: The media timeline will not display frame previews in the video editor on mobile devices.

View Selection Slider

View Selection Slider

Hover your cursor over the selection slider to view the double-headed arrow cursor [1].

The selection slider displays on the media timeline at the last location the playhead paused [2].


  • If you did not play your media file before clicking the Cut button, the selection slider will be at the beginning of your media timeline.

Drag and Resize Selection Slider

Drag Selection Sliders

Next, click and drag the double-headed arrow cursor to widen or narrow the selection slider [1]. The selected portion of the timeline is red and shaded.

You can move your planned cut area by clicking and dragging the selection slider to a different part of the timeline [2].

As you adjust the selection slider, the timestamp of the planned cut area displays above it [3].

Note: To zoom in or out of the timeline in order to create a more precise cut, click the Zoom buttons [4].

Confirm or Discard Cut

Confirm or Discard Trim

To cut the media, click the Confirm Cut button [1].

Alternatively, to undo the selection and start over, click the Discard button [2].

Note: If you confirm the cut, you can still undo the cut by not saving the media file.

Save or Discard Cut Media File

Save Media

To save the cut media file either as a copy or to replace the original, click the Save button [1].

Alternatively, you can undo the cut by clicking the Cancel button [2].

Confirm Discard

Discard Trimmed Media

To discard all edits and return to the media library, click the Quit and Discard button.

Save Changes

Save Changes

In the Save Changes window, you can replace the original media file or create a copy.

To replace the original media file with the edited media, click the Replace original media radio button [1].

To create an edited copy of the original media, click the Create a copy radio button [2]. By default, the title of the trimmed copy is Copy: [original title]. To edit the title for the copy, enter a new title in the Title field [3].

To save changes and return to the My Library page, click the Save button [4].

Note: If you create a copy of a media file you have shared with other users or groups, the copy is not automatically shared.