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How do I delete a Canvas Studio video quiz?

In Canvas Studio, you can delete video quizzes from media in your Studio library.

Note: Deleting a video quiz permanently removes the quiz and all of its contents from Studio. Deleted content can not be retrieved.

View Library

View Library

In the My Library page, media that includes a video quiz displays the Quiz icon.

Open Edit Window

Open Edit Window

Locate the media that includes the quiz you wish to delete and click the More Options icon [1].

Click the Quizzes drop-down menu [2]. Then, click the Edit [quiz name] link [3].

Open Settings

Open SEttings

Click the Settings button [1].

The Video Quiz Settings window displays. To delete the quiz, click the Delete Quiz button [2].

Confirm Deletion

Confirm Delete

The confirmation window displays. To confirm that you wish to permanently delete the quiz and all of its contents, click the Delete button.