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How do I share a collection in Canvas Studio?

You can share your media collections with others in your Canvas courses and allow them view or edit rights. You can also share media collections with any of your Canvas Studio groups. Shared media displays in the Shared with Me page. You can change or remove sharing permissions for media at any time.

If you allow a user to view a video or audio file, they can view the media, access the embed code and public sharing link, and share the media with others.

If you allow a user to edit a video or audio file, they have all permissions allowed as if they originally uploaded the media file, including deleting the media, editing details and options, downloading, copying, and sharing the media, and viewing analytic insights.

Canvas Studio Media Sharing Rules: 

  • Students can only share media and collections with other students, instructors, and teacher assistants (TAs) enrolled in their courses.
  • Instructors, TAs, and instructional designers can share media with all other instructors, TAs, instructional designers, and admins at their institution. They can also share media with verified Canvas Studio users enrolled in their courses.
  • Admins can share Canvas Studio media with all users at the institution.


  • You can only share media with verified Canvas Studio users. A user is verified when they view embedded Studio media in a Canvas course in which they are enrolled.
  • To share a media file to all members in a course, section, or group at one time, you can create or ask an instructor or admin to create a Canvas Studio group. You can also share a video or audio file to multiple individuals at one time.
  • Any quizzes added to a video are not included when the video is shared.

Open Share Collection

Share Collection

In the My Library page, locate the collection and click the Options icon [1]. Then, click the Share Collection link [2].

Add People

Add People

To share the media, enter user's name or email in the Type to add people or groups field [1], then click the user's name [2]. You can repeat this process to add as many users as necessary.

Added users display in the Shared with section [3].

Add Groups

Add Groups

To share the media with a group, enter the group name or ID number in the Type to add people or groups field [1]. Then select the group name [2].

Alternatively, you can add groups or specific group members from the Groups icon [3].

View Group Members

Add Group Members

To add individual members from one of your groups, click the Groups icon [1]. Then click a group name link [2].

Select Group Members

Select Group Members

In the group list, you can share with the group [1], or you can click a user name to share with individual users in the group [2].

Manage Media Access

Manage Media Access

By default, Studio allows others to view your shared collection. However, you can allow others to edit your shared collection.

To manage shared access when sharing your collection, click the Sharing Access drop-down menu [1].  Alternatively, you can manage shared access for individual users. In the Shared with section, click the user's Sharing Access drop-down menu [2].  

To allow another user to view and share the collection, select the Can View option [3].

To allow another user to view, rename, or delete the collection, select the Can Edit option [4].

To remove a user's shared access, click the Revoke Access option [5].

Note: Viewing or editing rights for a collection only apply to the collection. Viewing or editing rights for media in the collection must be set separately.

Update Shared Media

Update Shared Media

To share the collection with the selected users, click the Update button.