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How do I manage professional captioning orders in Studio Settings as an admin?

If your district has a contract for professional captioning, as an admin you can view and approve captioning orders placed by Studio users in Caption orders.

Note: Professional captioning is only available if your district contracts with professional captioning services Verbit or Cielo24.

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

In Canvas Studio, click the Navigation Menu icon [1], then click the Caption orders link [2].

Note: If the Caption orders link does not display, your district does not currently have a professional captioning contract.

Approve or Reject Caption Orders  

Approve Caption Orders

In the Caption orders page, new orders display in the New orders section.

To view the media file that contains the caption request, click the Title link [1].

To approve the captioning request, click the Approve button [2]. To reject the captioning request, click the Reject button [3].

View Reviewed Caption Orders

View Reviewed Caption Orders

In the Reviewed orders list, approved orders display the Finished label [1], failed requests display the Failed label [2], and rejected requests display the Rejected label [3].

For each order you can view the file owner [4], the media title [5], the order date[6], the service requested [7], and file language [8]. To view error details for failed request, in the Error column, click the See error details link [9].

Sort Reviewed Caption Orders

View Caption Orders

To sort the Reviewed orders list by order status, click the Order Status drop-down [1] and select a status from the list [2].

To sort by request date, service type or file language, click the Sort icons [3]

Download Reviewed Caption Orders

Download Reviewed Caption orders

To download a CSV of the Reviewed orders list, click the Download CSV button.