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How do I view and manage annotations in my media in Canvas Studio?

If you have added annotations to your media in Canvas Studio, you can view, edit, and delete annotations. Annotations include a headline and text, and you can also add links and hyperlinks. When viewers play the annotated media, the media pauses and annotations display.


  • You can add and edit annotations in Canvas Studio. Annotations cannot be added from the Studio tool in Canvas.
  • You can only add annotations to your media. You can add time stamped comments to media that is shared with you.

Open Media Annotation Tool

Open Media Annotation Tool

On the My Uploads page, locate the media you want to annotate. Click the Options icon [1] and select the Annotate Video option [2].

View Annotation in Media

In the media timeline you can view your annotations [1].  Locate and hover over the annotation you want to Edit, then click the Edit icon [2].

Edit Annotation

The annotation displays in the media [1].

Use the annotation sidebar to edit the annotation. You can edit the headline [2], description [3], link [4], and display text [5].

Note: Character limits display below each field.

Save Edits

Save Edits

Click the Save button.

Delete Annotation

Delete Annotation

Click the Delete button.