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What file formats does Arc support?

Arc supports video and audio playback and can upload specific media files up to 10 GB.

Supported Video Formats

Arc supports H.264 video playback.

Arc will accept the following video files for playback:

  • flv – Flash Video
  • asf – Windows Media

  • qt – Apple QuickTime

  • mov – Apple QuickTime

mpg – Digital Video Format

  • mpeg – Digital Video Format

  • avi – Digital Video Format

  • m4v – Digital Video Format

  • wmv – Windows Media

  • mp4 – Digital Video Format
  • 3gp – Multimedia Mobile Format

Why did my video upload fail?

There are a few common things that cause uploaded videos to fail processing:

  1. Your Quicktime file has external references. Quicktime allows you to edit videos, including adding pieces of separate video files. Unfortunately, saving from Quicktime merely references pieces of separate videos, which means that they’re not included in the file that’s uploaded.

  2. Your video file contains a portion of either audio or video that is not supported.

  3. Your video file is corrupt or its format is unidentifiable and doesn’t match the file extension.

Supported Audio Formats

Arc will accept the following audio files for playback:

mp3 – Digital Audio Format

  • wma – Windows Media Audio
  • wav – Waveform Audio File Format