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How do I view and sort discussion replies in Discussions Redesign as a student?

Discussion replies are sorted by date in descending order (newest to oldest) by default. Sorting discussion replies applies to both the root replies and any threaded replies. Threaded replies are collapsable and expandable.

You can also search for discussion replies by author or entry keywords and filter discussion replies by all or unread.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions

In Course Navigation, click the Discussions link.

Open Discussion

Open Discussions

Click the title of the discussion.

View Discussion

In a discussion, you have several options to view and sort discussions. Use the search field [1] to search for replies or specific authors. To filter discussion replies by All or Unread replies, select an option from the View drop-down menu [2]. To sort discussions by date posted, click the Sort button [3]. Discussion replies are sorted newest to oldest by default.

You can view how many total replies and unread replies are in a thread [4]. The number on the left indicates total replies, while the number on the right indicates the number of unread replies.

To subscribe to a discussion, click the Subscribe icon [5]. Subscribing to a discussion allows you to follow the discussion and receive notifications as set in your notification preferences. You are automatically subscribed to any discussions you reply to. When you create a discussion in a group—or in a course if you have permission—you are also automatically subscribed to the discussion. If you are subscribed, the icon displays a solid green background. To unsubscribe, click the Subscribe icon. When you are unsubscribed, the icon displays outlined in black.

View Graded Discussion

If your discussion is a graded discussion, you can view the discussion the same way as regular discussions. However, you can view the number of points the discussion is worth [1], and if there is a due date [2]. The Options icon [3] will show the rubric for the graded discussion, if any.

View Group Discussion

If a discussion is a group discussion, you can view the group discussion from the course Discussions Index Page or from your group Discussions Index Page.

View Replies

Discussion replies are shown in order of post date. In discussion replies, the unread icon indicates the reply is new and unread [1]. After you view a discussion reply, the unread icon no longer displays [2]. When you scroll past a reply, navigate away from the Discussion, or refresh the page, Canvas automatically marks the replies as read. After Canvas has changed the reply status, you can manually mark discussion replies as read or unread at any time.

You can also change your Discussion Settings so you can manually mark discussion replies as read.

View Threaded Discussions

Threaded Discussions are discussions with replies within replies. In addition to post date, replies are shown in hierarchal order, with replies naturally indented to indicate when a student replies to another student's reply.

When viewing threaded discussion replies, you can collapse and expand individual threaded discussions. To expand or collapse threaded replies beneath a main topic reply, click the Replies, Unread link [1]. To collapse threaded replies after you expand them, click the Collapse replies link [2]. When a threaded discussion reply is collapsed, you can view the reply indicators showing the total number of replies [3] and unread replies [4] within the thread.

View Liked Discussions

If your instructor allows you to like replies in a discussion, a Like icon appears next to each reply in the discussion. A solid blue like icon indicates replies that you've liked. The number of total likes also appears next to the icon.

Search for Reply

To search for a discussion reply, enter any term in the Search field [1]. Search results include matches for user names [2] and reply text [3].

To clear search results and view all replies, remove your search term from the Search field.

View Reply Settings

Each discussion reply has its own options menu.

To mark the selected post as read or unread, click the Mark Post as ... option [1].

In original discussion replies, you can return to the main discussion topic by clicking the Go To Topic option [2].

If you are allowed to edit and delete your own discussion posts, you will also view Edit and Delete options [3].

In threaded discussions, if you are viewing a reply within a reply, return to the original reply by clicking the Go To Parent option [2].

Reply to Discussion

To reply to a discussion, reply to the main discussion topic by clicking the Reply button [1]. If your discussion is threaded, you can reply to any other post in the discussion by clicking the Reply link [2].