Canvas Guides (English)Canvas GuidesCanvas Student Guide Rich Content EditorHow do I add captions to new or uploaded videos in the Rich Content Editor in Canvas as a student?

How do I add captions to new or uploaded videos in the Rich Content Editor in Canvas as a student?

You can easily create and upload caption files when you add video content in the Rich Content Editor. The Rich Content Editor is used in features that support the editor (Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, and Quizzes).

This lesson only applies to creating captions for videos created in or uploaded into Canvas. If you've created a video outside of Canvas that you want to share in your course, you can create captions using an external captioning tool such as Amara or YouTube.

If you have not yet created or uploaded your video, learn how to record a new video or upload an existing video.

Note: Users can view video captions in the Canvas apps. However, iOS devices can only display captions in WebVTT format. If you use another format besides WebVTT, users on iOS devices will not be able to display the video captions.

Add Media from Toolbar

Add Media From Toolbar

To upload media from the toolbar, click the Media icon [1].

You can also upload media from the media options menu. To view additional media options, click the Media Options arrow [2]. Then select the Upload/Record Media option [3].

To view the Media icon, you may have to click the Options icon [4].

Note: If the Media icon does not display in the toolbar, media uploads have been disabled by your institution.

Add Media From Menubar

Open Media Uploader

To add media from the menubar, click the Insert link [1]. Navigate to view Media options [2], and select the Record/Upload Media option [3].

Upload Media

You can upload a media file in the Computer tab.

Add Captions

Add Captions

Click the Add CC/Subtitles checkbox.

Select Language and File

Select Language and File

To specify the language for your captions, click the Select Language drop-down [1].

To attach your caption file, click the Choose caption file button [2]. You can upload SRT or VTT files.


Open File

Open File

Select the file you wish to upload [1], then click the Open button [2].

Submit Video

View your media file [1] and your caption file [2]. To attach additional caption files, click the Add button [3].

When finished adding media and caption files, click the Submit button [4].

View Media with Captions

View Media with Caption

When you add captions to a media file, the file displays a CC icon.