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How do I add a to-do item in the Calendar as a student?

You can add a to-do item to your Calendar.

You can also create to do items from the Dashboard List View.

Note: To Do items are not included in the Calendar iCal feed.

Open Calendar

Open Calendar

In Global Navigation, click the Calendar link.

Add Event

Click any date on the calendar to add an event [1]. Or, click the arrows next to the month name to navigate to a different month [2] and select a date.

If you don't want to manually locate the date, you can click the Add icon [3].

Add To Do Details

Add To Do Details

Click the To Do tab [1].

In the Title field [2], enter a title for the To Do [2].

The Date field defaults to the current date [3]. To change the date when you want to complete the item, type the new date or select a date by selecting the Calendar icon.

If you want to set a specific time for the item, enter the time in the Time field [4]. If no time is entered, the Time field defaults to 11:59pm.

The To Do will associate with your personal calendar by default if your calendar is selected in the sidebar. You can also associate a To Do with a specific course. To select a course calendar for your To-Do item, click the Calendar drop-down menu [5].  

In the Details field [6], any other details about your to-do item.

Submit To Do

Submit To Do

Click the Submit button.

View To Do

View your to-do item in the calendar.

Manage To Do

To edit or delete a to-do item, click the name of the item [1] and click the Edit button [2] or Delete button [3].