How do I use Discussions Redesign as a student?

If enabled in your course, you can use Discussions Redesign to participate in course and group discussions.

Note: If Discussions Redesign is not available in your course, it has not been enabled by your instructor.

Open Discussions


To view class discussions, click the Discussions link in Course Navigation.

Open Discussion

Click the name of a discussion.

View Discussion

A discussion displayed in the Discussions Redesign interface includes three sections: the discussion toolbar [1], discussion topic [2], and discussion replies [3].

View Discussion Toolbar

The discussion toolbar will remain at the top of the screen when you are viewing discussion replies.

To search for replies or specific authors, enter your terms in the search field [1].

To filter replies, click the Filter drop-down menu [2]. You can filter by all replies or unread replies.

To sort replies by newest or oldest, click the Sort button [3]. To return to the top of a discussion, click the Top button [4].

View Discussion Topic

The discussion topic section includes important information about the discussion, including the discussion title [1] and description [2].

You can also view the name of the author [3], the date and time the discussion was published [4], due date [5], an indicator for a graded discussion [6], the number of points possible [7], and number of replies [8].

View Discussion Replies

Discussion replies display below the discussion topic. Learn how to view and sort discussion replies.

View Rich Content Editor

When creating or editing discussion topics or replies, you will enter and edit your content using the Rich Content Editor. The Rich Content Editor allows you to format text, link text to course or external content, insert media, and attach files. Learn more about using the Rich Content Editor.