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How do I manage developer keys for a Canvas Studio site as an admin?

As an Studio admin, you can manage and create developer keys for your Canvas Studio account. A developer key is a code given to the developer of a third-party application that allows access to certain information and permissions within Studio. Developer keys can be used to create custom integrations with Studio and allow third-party apps to use Studio authentication. The developer key uses OAuth2 to enable the application to use Studio for authentication. For more information about OAuth2, see the Studio Public API documentation.

Open Canvas Studio URL

Open Arc URL

In a browser window, enter the URL of your Studio account.

Enter Email and Password

Enter Email and Password

In the Email field [1], enter your email address. This is the email address where you received your invitation to create an Studio password.

In the Password field [2], enter your password. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot password? link [3].

Click the Sign In button [4].

Open Arc Settings

Open Arc Settings

Click the Navigation Menu icon [1], then click the Arc Settings link [2].

Open Developer Keys

To view the developer keys, click the Developer Keys tab [1].

The developer key displays the Name [2], Redirect URIs [3], Client ID [4], and Secret [5]. To show the secret, click the Show button [6]. To delete a developer key, click the Delete icon [7].

To add a developer key, click the Add Developer Key button [8].

Add Developer Key

Add Developer Key

In the key settings, add the app or company name [1] and redirect URIs which are the domains where tokens are requested [2]. Click the Save Key button [3].