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How do I manage users in a Canvas Studio site as an admin?

As an admin user, you can manage users in your institution's Canvas Studio account. Currently, users can only be managed in your institution's Studio site outside of Canvas.

Users are either added to Studio directly as a new user (most commonly admins) or added automatically to the user list when they access Studio links or content in Canvas.

Currently you cannot remove users from the Studio account.

Open Studio URL

Open Studio URL

In a browser window, enter the URL of your Studio account.

Enter Email and Password

Enter Email and Password

In the Email field [1], enter your email address. This is the email address where you received your invitation to create an Studio password.

In the Password field [2], enter your password. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot password? link [3].

Click the Sign In button [4].

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

Click the Navigation Menu icon [1], then click the Studio Settings link [2].

View Studio Users

To view users in your Studio account, click the Studio Users tab [1].

You can search for a user by full name, display name, or email address by typing in the Search by user name field [2]. Then click the Search button [3].

You can also view a list of all users in your Studio account by clicking the Show total users link [4].

To create a new admin user, click the Create User button [5].

View User Information

You can view a user's full name [1], display name [2], email address [3], and admin status [4].

Note: Studio is not dependent on email addresses. If an institution is using a single sign-on (SSO) authentication system that does not rely on email addresses, some users who only access Studio directly through Canvas may not display an associated email address.

Manage Users

To edit information for an existing user, click the Edit button.

Currently you cannot remove a user from your account.

Edit User

Editing a user allows you to change the user's name [1], display name [2], and email address [3] as shown for the user's Studio account.

Editing user fields does not affect a user's Canvas account.

You can also change a user's access to or from Admin status [4], though the user will not be notified about the change.

Click the Save button [5].

Note: If you edit a user to become an admin, the user will not receive an email to create a password. You will have to notify the user manually and provide the Studio site URL. To access the Studio site, the user can use the password reset link from the Studio site login page.