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How do I embed a document from Canvas into the Rich Content Editor as a student?

You can embed documents from your user files in Canvas in the Rich Content Editor. Several features in Canvas support the Rich Content Editor, including Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, and Quizzes.

By default, embedded document links display an icon that allows users to preview the document in the Rich Content Editor. You can disable the in-line preview or open the in-line preview automatically.

Open Rich Content Editor

Open Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor when creating or editing an announcement, assignment, discussion, page, quiz, or syllabus.

Note: The Rich Content Editor supports keyboard shortcuts. To view the Keyboard Shortcuts menu, click the Keyboard icon or press ALT+F8 (PC keyboard) or ALT+FN+F8 (Mac keyboard).

Select Link Location

To insert a link displaying the name of the file, click to place your cursor in the location in the Rich Content Editor where you want the link to appear [1].

To insert a hyperlink to a course content item, select the text for your hyperlink [2].

Insert Documents from Toolbar

Alternatively, you can insert documents from the toolbar. Click the Document Options arrow [1]. To view your user documents, click the User Documents option [2].

Note: To view the Documents icon, you may have to click the Options icon [3].  

Insert Documents from Menubar

insert Documents from Menubar

To insert a document from the menubar, click the Insert link [1]. Navigate to view the Document options [2], then select the User Documents option [3]. If you are accessing the Rich Content Editor from a group, you can also view group documents by selecting the Group Documents option [4].

View and Sort Files

View and Sort Files

By default, the Add menu displays all files in your selected file source [1].

To sort the displayed files by image, document, or media file type, click the Type drop-down menu [2].

To sort the displayed files by date added or alphabetically, click the Sort by drop-down menu [3]. To search for a  document, enter the file name in the Search field [4]. You must enter at least three characters for search results to display.

Select File

Select File

Click the name of the file you want to link in the Rich Content Editor.

Note: The text will flash before turning into the hyperlink.

View Link

View the link displaying the name of the file [1] or the hyperlinked text [2].

To manage options for the link, click the link title [3] and click the Options link [4].

View Link Options

You can edit the link text in the Text field [1] or link URL in the Link field [2].

To disable in-line preview, click the Disable in-line preview checkbox [3]. To automatically open in-line preview, click the Automatically open an in-line preview checkbox [4].


  • Inline preview is not supported in the Canvas beta environment.
  • Inline preview is not supported in Edit mode.

Save Changes

Save Changes

Click the Save button.

Note: When using the Rich Content Editor in Discussions, the Save button may appear as the Post Reply button.

View Content

View Content

View the content. To open the document in-line preview, click the Preview icon [1]. Links to external URLs display an Open icon [2].

To download the linked file, click the link name [3].

Download File

To download the file, click the Download link.