What are Grades and the Gradebook?

Grades can serve as a communication tool between students and instructors and allow instructors to track the progress of students.

The Gradebook stores all information about student progress in the course, measuring both letter grades and course outcomes.

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What is the Gradebook?

What is the Gradebook?

The Gradebook helps instructors easily input and distribute grades for students. Grades for each assignment can be calculated as points, percentages, complete or incomplete, pass or fail, GPA scale, and letter grades, and assignments can be organized into groups for weighting as well.

You can also use SpeedGrader to help you assign out grades.

Columns are automatically created in the Gradebook when you create and publish assignments, graded discussions, and graded quizzes and surveys. A column is also automatically added for the Attendance tool.

When would I use the Gradebook?

Use the Gradebook to:

  • View grades by grading periods
  • View assignment submission notifications and assignment details
  • Sort the gradebook by assignment due dates, student names, secondary id, total scores, or group scores (if applicable)
  • Create and apply specific gradebook filters that may be used once or saved for future use
  • Download assignment submissions from students to grade or view them offline when no internet connection is available
  • Manually enter student grades
  • Automatically calculate total and final grades
  • Assign zeros after deadline
  • Simultaneously view grade information across all courses
  • Notify students when an assignment has been graded
  • View Grade history and revert updated assignment scores to previous scores (including grades from multiple submissions and/or regraded quizzes)
  • Download or upload Grades as a CSV file
  • Hide grades from students until they are published
  • Create custom curving and grade ranges
  • Message students who have submitted an assignment, who haven't submitted an assignment yet, have not been graded, who scored more than X or less than Y on an assignment, or had an assignment reassigned.
  • Leave private grading notes/comments for the student
  • Excuse an assignment, discussion, or quiz for a student

Note: To view a window with a list of keyboard navigation shortcuts, press the Shift+Question Mark keys simultaneously on your keyboard.

What is the Learning Mastery Gradebook?

What is the Learning Mastery Gradebook?

The Learning Mastery Gradebook helps instructors and admins assess the outcome standards being used in Canvas courses rather than letter grades. This gradebook helps institutions measure student learning for accreditation and better assess the needs of their students.  

When would I use the Learning Mastery Gradebook?

Use the Learning Mastery Gradebook to:

  • Measure student progress and student learning
  • View student scores based on learning standards and outcomes
  • Filter students based on mastery learning levels
  • View course statistics
  • Assess course curriculum and teaching methods