What is the Inbox?

The Inbox is a messaging tool used to communicate with a course, a group, an individual student, or a group of students. You can use the Inbox to communicate with others in your course.


  • Users display in the Inbox once they have an active enrollment in the course, and users cannot join a course unless it is published.
  • Once a course has concluded and its term date has passed, you can no longer message students in that course.
  • If your institution has enabled personal pronouns and users have selected their pronouns, the pronouns display within message details and alongside names in the Inbox search fields.

When would I use the Inbox?

When would I use the Inbox?

Use the Inbox to:

  • Send a message to someone in your course or group
  • Send a message to yourself (displays in your Sent folder)
  • Reply to messages from others in your course
  • Filter conversations by course or type
  • View and reply to assignment submission comments

Learn more about using the Inbox as a student, as an instructor, or as an observer/parent.

Note: You can adjust your notification settings to receive messages using external channels.