How do I contact Canvas Support?

Depending on the institution, Canvas users can contact Canvas Support through the Help menu in Canvas Global Navigation on the web or the Help option in the User menu from one of the Canvas mobile apps. Canvas support agents are trained to assist all Canvas user roles, including students, instructors, and observers/parents/caregivers.

Note: Institutions can customize their Help menu with the help resources they want their users to access. Canvas documentation displays the default menu options, but your institution can choose to customize options in the Help menu or remove the Help menu altogether. The options that display in Canvas for you may therefore be different from the screenshots shown in the reference lessons below.

Canvas Web

Instructors/Teachers/Course Facilitators: How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor?

Students: How do I get help with Canvas as a student?

Parents/Observers: How do I get help with Canvas as an observer?

Admins: To report any problems with Canvas, contact Canvas Support. For assistance with managing your institution's Canvas account, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

What if there is no Help button in my Global Navigation?

In some cases, the Help Menu may be disabled altogether. If you do not see a Help menu in Canvas, use the support resources provided by your institution or contact your institution's IT department. If your question can be shared publicly, you may consider asking the Canvas Community.

You can also use the Instructure Community resources to access the Canvas user guides, release notes, known issues, Canvas questions and answers, resource documents, and more.

Learn more about using the Instructure Community in the Community Guides.

How do I learn more about Canvas support tiers?

Learn more about available support tiers by viewing the Canvas Support Terms webpage.