How do I allow pop-ups for Canvas in my browser?

Some features and course content in Canvas require pop-ups to be allowed in your web browser. In order to view the course content, links, or external tools, you need to allow pop-ups for Canvas.

View Blocked Pop-ups in Chrome

View Blocked Pop-Ups in Chrome

Chrome displays a pop-up icon when a pop-up window is blocked.

Allow Pop-ups in Chrome

Allow Pop-Ups in Chrome

To allow pop-ups for Canvas in Chrome, click the pop-up icon. Select the Always allow pop-ups and redirects from option [1]. Click the Done button [2].

View Blocked Pop-ups in Firefox

View Blocked Pop-Ups in Firefox

Firefox displays an alert message when a pop-up window is blocked.

Allow Pop-ups in Firefox

Allow Pop-Ups in Firefox

To allow pop-ups for Canvas, click the Preferences button [1], then select the Allow pop-ups for option [2].

View Blocked Pop-ups in Safari

View Blocked Pop-Ups in Safari

Safari displays the pop-up icon in the address bar when a pop-up is blocked.

Open Safari Preferences

Open Safari Preferences

To allow pop-ups for Canvas in Safari, click the Safari menu [1], then click the Preferences option [2].

Allow Pop-ups in Safari

Allow Pop-Ups in Safari

In the Preferences window, click the Websites tab [1]. In the sidebar, click the Pop-up Windows link [2]. Locate your institution's Canvas URL. In the Block and Notify drop-down menu, select the Allow option [3].