What are Groups?

Groups are a small version of a course and used as a collaborative tool where a minimum of two students can work together on group projects and assignments.

Instructor View

Instructor View

Instructors can create groups for students to collaborate on group assignments, pages, collaborations, and more. Instructors can also allow students to create their own groups.

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Within Groups, instructors can:

  • View all activity within all the groups within their course, including groups created by students as noted in the instructor's Student Groups tab (by default students will be allowed to create their own groups as noted in the Course Details tab)
  • View all created groups within the course
  • Manually or automatically create groups within a group set
  • Manually or automatically assign students to groups within a group set
  • Assign group leaders to each group
  • Allow students to sign up for their own groups  
  • Expand and collapse subgroups
  • Move students into different subgroups
  • Create group collaborations

When Should I Use Groups as an Instructor?

As an instructor, create groups to:

  • Set up student group configurations at the course level for assignments and in-class work, both graded and ungraded.
  • Facilitate semester-long projects so that students can communicate and iterate on documents together.
  • Facilitate faculty professional development and institutional committees or activities.
  • Facilitate student-run study groups within courses or at the account level.

Student View

Student View

Students can use groups as a collaborative tool to work with classmates on group projects and assignments.

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Within groups, students can:

  • View the groups list
  • View the groups they are enrolled in
  • Join a student group
  • Create a student group
  • Store and share Files
  • Start a Discussion
  • Send a message
  • Create group collaborations

When Should I Use Groups as a Student?

As a student, create groups to:

  • Create study groups
  • Collaborate on projects and assignments