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How do I rename a file as an instructor?

You can rename your files at any time using the Rename option in the file's settings menu.

Note: If you add a file to another area of Canvas (e.g. Modules or Assignments) and then rename the file in Course Files, the file rename will not update in any other Canvas location and must be changed manually. Please ensure that your file names are correct in Course Files before adding them to other content areas.

Open Files

Open Files

In Course Navigation, click the Files link.

Rename File

To rename a file, click the line item for the file [1].

Click the Settings icon [2], then click the Rename link [3].

In the text field, change the name of the file [1]. To save the name of the folder, press the Return (Mac) or Enter (PC) key or click the Check button [2]. To return to the previous title, click the Cancel button [3].

Note: Renaming or removing the extension in the file name may strip the extension from the file when it is downloaded.

View File

View the new name of your file.