What is MasteryPaths?

MasteryPaths allow instructors to configure differentiated learning content that is automatically delivered to students based on their individual source assignment scores. Any graded assignment, graded discussion, or graded quiz may be used as the source content for a MasteryPath.

After the source assignment is graded (either manually or automatically), MasteryPaths release conditional content to students based on scoring-range rules. A student's score determines their assigned learning path. For instance, a student who scores above 90% on an assignment could be assigned more advanced work, while a student who scores below 60% could view assignments designed for content clarification and improvement.

Any course item except for practice quizzes, ungraded surveys, and external tool assignments may be designated as a conditional item in a MasteryPath. Course items such as links, files, and media content must be embedded in a page or assignment to be used as conditional content in MasteryPaths.


  • MasteryPaths is currently a course opt-in feature.
  • If your institution uses a student information system (SIS) and requires due dates for assignments, any MasteryPaths assignments assigned to one or more students are currently not validated. Please use with caution when syncing to your SIS.
  • If a course has a large number of students and/or if a MasteryPath has a large number of associated conditional items, students may experience a delay before they are assigned a path.
  • Currently MasteryPaths does not support association with outcomes.
  • Files, External URLs, and External Tool module items cannot be used as conditional items in MasteryPaths.
  • MasteryPaths pages are only be accessible to students from within MasteryPaths and not in the course Pages page.

Instructor View

Instructor View

Instructors create and manage MasteryPaths in the course Modules page.

Any graded assignment, graded discussion, or graded quiz may be used as the source content for a MasteryPath. A student's source content score determines their next assignment(s).

Note: Before building MasteryPaths in the Modules page, instructors should create or add all course assignments, activities, and pages, and then add them in modules. Learn more about creating MasteryPaths in course modules.

Source Content Learning Paths

Source Content Learning Paths

For each source assignment, instructors add conditional content within scoring ranges. Conditional items and requirements can vary for each scoring range.

Note: To differentiate an assignment for students based on scoring ranges, instructors must also assign conditional content items to MasteryPaths .

MasteryPath Breakdowns

View Breakdown Ranges

Once students complete source assignments, instructors can view Mastery Paths range breakdowns that show the number of students who scored in each range.

Student View

Student View

When students view course modules in a MasteryPath course, they may see that module items are restricted until source assignments are graded. When unlocked, students may be able to choose their learning path assignments.