What is the SpeedGrader app?

The SpeedGrader app is designed to help instructors minimize their workload when grading student assignments. SpeedGrader allows you to review assignments at ease even when you're on the go.

The SpeedGrader app requires a Canvas account and pulls the same data as found in the desktop version of Canvas SpeedGrader.

Instructors can use the SpeedGrader app on iOS tablets (iPads) and all Android devices.

View Courses

As an instructor, you can view all your courses in Canvas. New submissions to be graded for the entire course are indicated appropriately.

View Assignments

View the list of assignments in your course and see which specific assignments require grading.

Grade Assignments

Instructors can grade submissions directly from their mobile devices. SpeedGrader supports the same functionality supported in the desktop version of SpeedGrader:

  • View photo and video submissions
  • Listen to audio submissions
  • Grade using different methods including a simple point scale or a complex rubric
  • Make comments using video, audio, and text on student assignments
  • Hide student names while grading
  • Add comments with annotation tools