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What are Profile and User Settings?

Profile and User Settings let you control your personal information in Canvas.

If you want to view a video about personal settings, you can watch the User Settings and Profile Picture video.

Note: Your institution may restrict one or more settings options.

When would I use my profile and user settings?

You can use your profile and user settings to:

  • View and edit your user settings, such as display name, language preference, and time zone
  • Change your default email address or add an additional email address for notifications
  • Add a text (SMS) contact method for notifications
  • View or add a profile picture
  • Set Notifications for your favorite communication channels
  • Upload personal Files
  • Create and manage ePortfolios of your course work
  • Manage new user features
  • Download your assignment submissions from current and previous courses


If your institution has enabled profiles, you can also edit your profile information.

Note: Your institution may restrict one or more of these options.