How do I access Canvas Studio?

Depending on your institution's goals and preferences, Canvas Studio can be accessed in several ways. Most commonly, Studio accounts are integrated with Canvas.

Studio Account

The most direct way to access Studio is through a Studio account.

You can use a Studio account to view, share, and comment on any uploaded video or audio media file.

Access Overview

  • Users can upload and manage media files at any time
  • Users who upload media are considered to be the media owner
  • Media owners can manage all media settings and functionality including setting user details and viewing analytics
  • Media owners can manage comments in their media
  • Media owners can share media with other users and grant viewing or editing access
  • Media always allow and display comments
  • Media include a link and embed code to use in public sites (comments are never displayed)

Canvas Global Navigation Menu

Canvas Global Navigation Menu

In Canvas, if Studio is enabled for everyone in your institution, the Global Navigation Menu includes a Studio link. This link gives you direct access to your Studio account from anywhere in Canvas.

Note: If your Global Navigation Menu does not include a Studio link, you can still access Studio through the Rich Content Editor.


When Studio is integrated with Canvas, users can access Studio as an external tool through the Rich Content Editor. Instructors can access Studio through the Course Navigation link. The Studio integration allows instructors to seamlessly integrate media interaction into the classroom.

Rich Content Editor

The Rich Content Editor is part of multiple features in Canvas including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages. For students, the Rich Content Editor is also available in course groups and in Text Entry assignment submissions.

Users can access Studio through the Rich Content Editor even if they do not have direct access to their Studio account through the Global Navigation Menu. However, access through the Rich Content Editor includes modified functionality and gives more control to the course instructor.

To open Studio, click the Studio icon [1]. If the icon does not display directly in the toolbar, you may need to click the Options icon [2].

Access Overview

  • Users can only access their Studio account when using the Rich Content Editor, including media uploads
  • Students who upload a media file in either a course or a group are not considered to be the video owner; a copy of the media is made for the course instructor to manage
  • Media can be embedded with or without comments
  • After media is embedded, instructors can manage all media settings and functionality for course media including setting user details and viewing analytics
  • Instructors can manage comments in all course media
  • Existing comments in embedded media are not included in course copies.
Course Navigation Link

Instructors can also view their course uploads through the Studio link in the Course Navigation Menu. This functionality offers full access as noted when viewing Studio in a Studio Account.

Studio Site

Studio Site

Currently, Studio provides a separate login site for Studio admins. Studio sites allow admins to manage users for their institution. This site is separate from Canvas and is hosted in a separate URL. However, all other content in the Studio site is the same as in a Studio account.

Accessing this site requires an email invitation to create a user password. Any user who receives an email invitation can access the Studio site.

Note: If your institution enables Canvas authentication, you can log into your Studio site with your Canvas credentials.

Access Overview

  • Users must log in to a separate URL
  • Users have the same access as standard Studio accounts
  • Users with Studio admin roles can manage users