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How do I use Arc in an Arc account?

An Arc account allows you to manage all your Arc media at any time. You can view, share, and comment on any uploaded video or audio media file.

When Arc is integrated with Canvas, users with instructor roles can also view media within their course.

Most commonly, Arc accounts are integrated with Canvas and can be accessed through your institution's Global Navigation Menu. However, Arc can also be accessed through a separate Arc site (most commonly for admins).

To learn about available keyboard shortcuts in Arc, view the Arc Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts PDF.

Note: If your Canvas Global Navigation Menu does not include a link to Arc, and your institution did not provide you with an email to log into the Arc site, you can always access Arc through the Rich Content Editor Arc icon, though full functionality is limited. If you are an instructor, you can also access Arc through the Course Navigation Menu.

View Arc Navigation Menu

View Arc Navigation Menu

Within the Arc interface, Arc includes a navigation menu at the top of every page. Using the menu you can view media [1], add media [2], and search media [3].

View Uploads

Arc defaults to the My Uploads page, which shows all the media you've uploaded to Arc. Media files display in the order they were uploaded, with the most recently uploaded media first.

View Shared Media

View Shared Media

The Shared with Me page contains media shared with you by other Arc users. You can also share your media with other Arc users as well.

View Course Media

View Course Media

If you are an instructor, you can view media uploaded to your courses.

Note: Media must be added to the course before the course appears in the navigation menu.

Search Media

The search field returns searches for titles, description terms, or terms that match specific tags. Tags and descriptions can be created when a creator adds a video or audio file and edits the details.

To search for a video or audio file, click the Search icon [1]. In the Search field [2], enter the name or subject of the video or audio file. Click the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

View Search Results

Any results display in the page.

Upload Media

To upload media, click the Add button. You can also drag and drop video or audio files into your My Uploads page.

View Media

View Media

To view the media, hover over the video or audio file and click the Play image. Viewing media allows you to manage all details and settings as well as manage comments and view user analytics.