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How do I view the user menu in a Canvas Studio site?

If you have access to your Canvas Studio site, you can view your user menu. As an admin user, your user menu allows you to manage settings for your institution's Studio account. Currently, admin settings can only be managed in your institution's Studio site outside of Canvas.

Open Canvas Studio URL

Open Arc URL

In a browser window, enter the URL of your Studio account.

Enter Email and Password

Enter Email and Password

In the Email field [1], enter your email address. This is the email address where you received your invitation to create an Studio password.

In the Password field [2], enter your password. If you forgot your password, click the Forgot password? link [3].

Click the Sign In button [4].

Open Studio Settings

Open Studio Settings

Click the Navigation Menu icon [1], then click the Studio Settings link [2].

View Studio Settings

By default, Studio Settings opens to the Settings tab [1].

To enable or disable high contrast view, click the Enable high contrast view option [2]. This setting only affects your view of the Studio site and does not affect any other users.

View Studio Integrations

To view a list of third-party applications you have authorized to access Studio on your behalf, click the Integrations tab.  

View Admin Studio Settings Tabs

View Admin Studio Settings Tabs

As an admin user, you can view admin settings in Studio Settings.

To view and manage developer keys, click the Developer Keys tab [1].

To view and manage users in your Studio account, click the Studio Users tab [2].

To view LTI keys for your Studio account, click the LTI Keys tab [3].