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How do I manage developer keys for an account?

As an admin, you can manage developer keys for root accounts.

If your account has existing keys, they will not appear on this page until a future release. Contact your Customer Success Manager if you need assistance with existing keys.

Note: Developer Keys is an account permission. If you cannot view the Developer Keys link in Account Navigation, this permission has not been enabled for your user account.

Open Developer Keys

Open Developer Keys

In Account Navigation, click the Developer Keys link.

View Developer Keys

View the Developer Keys for your account. Each key shows the Key Name [1], User [2], Details [3], Stats [4] and Notes [5].

Manage Developer Keys

To edit a key, click the Edit icon [1]. To deactivate a key, click the Lock icon [2]. To delete the key, click the Delete icon [3].

View Deactivated Keys

When a key is deactivated, the key is inactive. Deactivated keys are shown with a red background. To reactivate an inactive key, click the Unlock icon.

Add Developer Key

To add a developer key, click the Add Developer Key button.