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How do I manage developer keys for an account?

As an admin, you can manage developer keys for root accounts. You can manage the status for individual developer keys and control direct access to specific API endpoints for third-party tools.

Note: Developer Keys is an account permission. If you cannot view the Developer Keys link in Account Navigation, this permission has not been enabled for your user account.  

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Developer Keys

Open Developer Keys

In Account Navigation, click the Developer Keys link.

View Developer Keys

The Developer Keys page defaults to the Account tab, where you can view the Developer Keys for your account. Each key shows the Key Name [1], Owner's Email [2], Details [3], Stats [4] and State [5].

View Inherited Keys

To view inherited keys associated with your account, click the Inherited tab [1]. Inherited keys are keys created and managed at a global level by Canvas. You can manage the state of inherited keys for your account. However, if a key is grayed out [2], it has been enabled globally and cannot be modified on a specific account level.

Manage Developer Keys

To deactivate a key, click the Off button [1]. To edit a key, click the Edit icon [2]. To delete the key, click the Delete icon [3].

Note: If your institution has not enabled the Advanced Developer Keys feature option, you can deactivate keys by clicking the Lock icon.

View Deactivated Keys

When a key is deactivated, the key is inactive. Deactivated keys are indicated by the Off button [1]. To reactivate an inactive key, click the On button [2].

Add Developer Key

To add a developer key, click the Add Developer Key button.