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How do I configure self registration through Canvas authentication for an account?

By default, users can login in directly to Canvas using Canvas authentication. However, all Canvas users must have a Canvas account before they can log in to Canvas.

Canvas authentication includes an option called self registration, which displays a registration banner on your account login page that allows users to create their own Canvas accounts. By default, Canvas authentication is enabled for all institutions, but self registration is disabled. You can also require users to complete a Captcha form before completing the registation process. You can also require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Note that Canvas authentication can be used without self registration. For instance, some institutions want to create user accounts with a student information system (SIS) and import SIS data into Canvas but allow users to log in using the default Canvas login page. Canvas authentication also supports Single Sign On (SSO) authentication, which allows you to customize your login information, and can be used in addition to third-party authentication providers.

Self Registration Accounts

You can allow self registration for all user roles (students, instructors, observers) or only observer roles.

  • Student Accounts: Self registration is used with self enrollment. When users sign up as a student, a join code is required to access the course. Self enrollment creates the join code, which instructors can give to students to sign up in the course. Learn more about self enrollment options in your account.
  • Instructor Accounts: Instructors can sign up for a Canvas account through self registration if your institution does not already create instructor accounts.
  • Observer Accounts: Parents and other users who want to observe a student sign up through Canvas through the observer role.



  • Canvas authentication can only be deleted from the authentication page if another third party authentication provider has been enabled. If the only existing authentication provider is deleted, Canvas authentication will be restored as the default provider.
  • Canvas authentication passwords require a minimum of eight characters.

Open Account

Open Account

Click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Authentication

Open Authentication

In Account Navigation, click the Authentication link.

Configure Self Registration

By default, Self Registration is disabled. To enable Self Registration, select the radio button for the registration type for your account.

To allow self registration for all users, select the All Account Types option [1]. To limit self registration to observers (including parents), select the Observer Accounts Only option [2].

To require users to complete a Captcha form before completing the registation process, click the Require Captcha for Self Registration checkbox [3].

To require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), click the MFA Required checkbox [4]. The MFA checkbox can be selected for individual providers as needed.

Save Self Registration

Save Self Registration

Click the Save button.