How do I view and manage a sub-account?

As an admin, you can view and manage sub-accounts in Canvas. Sub-accounts help establish your account's hierarchical structure and house courses and enrollments.

All of your institution’s sub-accounts are located within the root account. However, sub-accounts can include additional nested sub-accounts, and sub-account admins can view a list of all the sub-accounts in their account.

Sub-accounts can be created and managed manually or via SIS upload. Additionally, sub-accounts created via API or SIS upload retain the identifiers given in the original source. You can edit sub-account names to make them easier to find within Canvas.

View a video about Sub-Accounts.


  • Sub-accounts that contain courses cannot be deleted.
  • Each root account automatically includes a sub-account called Manually-Created Courses that manages multiple backend processes for Canvas and cannot be deleted.

Open Account

Open Account

In Global Navigation, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].

Open Sub-Accounts

Open Sub-Accounts

In Account Navigation, click the Sub-Accounts link.

View Sub-Account

View Sub-Account

Sub-accounts are listed in alphabetical order. To view a sub-account, click the sub-account name.

Collapse and Expand Sub-Account List

Collapse and Expand Sub-Account LIst

Many Canvas accounts contain multiple sub-accounts with nested sub-accounts. To more easily navigate within sub-accounts, you can collapse sub-account lists, hiding them from view.

To collapse a list of sub-accounts, click the Up Arrow icon [1].

To expand a list of sub-accounts that have been collapsed, click the Down Arrow icon [2].

Add Sub-Account

Add Sub-Account

To create a sub-account, click the Add button.

Manage Sub-Account

Edit Sub-Account

To edit the name of a sub-account, click the Edit icon [1]. Edit the name of the sub-account by typing in the name field. To save your changes, press the Return key (on a Mac) or Enter key (on a PC) on your keyboard.

To delete a sub-account, click the Delete icon [2].

Note: Sub-accounts that contain courses cannot be deleted.

Confirm Sub-Account Deletion

Confirm Deletion

When you delete a sub-account, a pop-up window will appear in your browser. Click the OK button.