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How do I add a new term in an account?

Canvas always includes a default term, which cannot be removed or renamed. However, you can create terms with specific start and end dates. Term dates should be set before adding any courses to your account.

If your institution uses grading periods, you can associate a term with a grading period set.

Note: Terms can also be created using SIS Imports.

Open Terms

Open Terms

In Account Navigation, click the Terms link.

Add New Term

Click the Add New Term link.

Add Term Details

In the Term Name field [1], enter a name for the term. This name will be displayed as part of any course added to the term.

If your institution is using SIS IDs, you can enter an SIS ID for the term in the SIS ID field [2].

Add Term Dates

In the Term Runs from line, use the calendar icons to set a term start date [1] and term end date [2].

By default, the student dates to view courses inherit the Term Runs from [start date] to [end date], and Teachers, TAs, and Designers dates inherit a whenever start date to [term end date].

Note: By default, term access is cut off at 12 AM on your indicated end date, meaning the previous day is the last full day that users have access to the term. For instance, setting an end date of December 16 means December 15 is the last full day users can access the course. However, you can set a specific time as part of the term dates.

Add User Dates

If necessary, you can set specific access dates for each user role. To set start and end dates for a user role, locate the role and set dates for that role.


  • Changing the Teachers, TAs, and Designers start dates affects their ability to access unpublished courses in the term.
  • Administrators cannot extend term access for a specific role outside the main term dates.

Add Term

When you are finished adding term dates, click the Add Term button.

Manage Term

To edit the term details, click the Edit icon [1]. To delete the term, click the Delete icon [2]. Terms cannot be deleted if they contain courses.

Note: Once a term has courses in it, it cannot be deleted.