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How do I view grading schemes in an account?

You can view your account's grading schemes, including grading schemes you have created for your account. You can also edit and delete grading schemes if necessary.

Any grading schemes created in your account will also display in sub-accounts.

Open Grading

Open Grading

In Account Navigation, click the Grading link.

Open Grading Schemes

Open Grading Schemes

If Multiple Grading Periods is enabled for your institution, click the Grading Schemes tab.

View Grading Schemes

The Grading Schemes page shows all grading schemes for your account.

Add Grading Scheme

Add Grading Scheme

To add an account grading scheme, click the Add Grading Scheme button.

Manage Grading Schemes

To edit a grading scheme, click the Edit icon [1].

To delete a grading scheme, click the Delete icon [2].


  • You can only edit grading schemes that have not been linked to a course. However, grading schemes can always be deleted.
  • If you delete an account-level grading scheme that has been enabled at the course level and used to assess a student, the grading scheme will not be deleted from the course.