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How do I manage a whitelist in the Edu App Center?

The Edu App Center allows you to create a whitelist of external apps for your institution. After you have created a whitelist, you can manage your whitelist in Canvas and only display approved external apps to courses in your account and subaccounts.

Log in to Edu App Center

In the browser's search bar, type and click the Login link.

Enter Login Credentials

Select how you want to log in by choosing Twitter, Github, Microsoft, Google, or creating an account using an email.

Open Organizations

Open Organizations

Click the Admin link [1]. In the drop-down menu, select the Organizations link [2].

Create Organization

Create Organization

Click the Create Organization button.

Enter Information

Enter Information

Enter your Organization Name [1] and if you desire, select the Show apps without having to pre-approve them checkbox [2].

Click the Save Changes button [3].

Manage Whitelist

Click the Manage Whitelist button.

Manage Apps

By default, all apps are hidden. Hidden apps do not appear in the app center list. You can show or hide all apps by clicking the Allow All or Hide All buttons [1].

Show or hide individual apps by clicking the Hidden [2] and Visible [3] buttons next to the app.

When you are finished, return to your organization page by clicking the name of your organization [4].

Manage Keys

To create an API Token, click the Manage Keys button.

Create New Token

Create New Token

Click the Create New Token button.

Share API Token

Copy the API token to use for your whitelist.

An API token can be used to manage whitelists directly in Canvas and display approved apps at the account, subaccount, and course levels.

Note: An organization can create multiple tokens, but each token directs to the same whitelist. Multiple tokens can be used to create access for specific users and deleted at a later date.