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How do I log in to the Service Cloud Admin Console?

If you are an admin with the correct permissions, you can log in to the Service Cloud Admin Console and view support tickets for your institution.

Note: If you see login errors:

  • You may need to open in the same browser window where you are logged into Canvas.
  • You may be logged into the wrong Canvas account. Check your URL and try again.
  • You may be logged into Canvas as the wrong user. Log out of Canvas and log in as the correct user.
  • You may not be setup as a Field Admin. Contact your Customer Success Manager.

Log in to Canvas

Log in to Canvas

Using your institution's Canvas URL, enter your Canvas credentials and log in to your account.

Open Service Cloud

Open Service Cloud

In a new browser window or tab, enter in the URL field.

Select Account


If you have an account with more than one Canvas URL, you may be asked to select the account that you want to use to log in to Service Cloud.

View Service Cloud

View the Service Cloud home page for your account. Learn how to view the Service Cloud Dashboard.