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How do I view the history of a page in a course?

When you can edit course pages, you can view the page history and see the date, time, and author of any changes made to the page. Page editors can also roll back the page content to a previous version of the page.

The images shown in this lesson are for the instructor view, but the same steps apply for students who have access to edit course pages.


  • Even when granted editing access in page settings, students cannot roll back a prior version of a page within a course. They can only roll back page content for pages within student groups.
  • HTML and CSS changes are not stored in the page history.

Open Pages

Open Pages

In Course Navigation, click the Pages link.

View Pages

View Pages

Pages is designed to open to the front page for the course, if there is a front page selected. To select a page from the Pages Index, click the View All Pages button.

Open Page

Open Page

Click the page you want to view.

View Page History

Click the Settings icon [1] and select the View Page History link [2].

View Latest Revision

By default, the page history will show the latest revision.

View or Restore Prior Version

To open a prior version of your page, click the date you want to access [1] and then click the Restore this revision link [2].

Note: Students cannot restore a prior version of a page within a course.

Canvas will restore the prior version to the most recent revision [1]. If you want to replace your current page with different content, click a different date and page revision. Note that restoring a page revision will also associate your name with the page history.

To return to the current page revision, click the close icon [2]. You can also use the breadcrumb navigation [3] to return to the current page or the pages index.